Our company started to produce copper press-welded connectors with the know-how developed by us in 1986, in Bursa.

As a company, continuously renewing and developing itself and regularly increasing both it's production and marketing activities, we are now capable of serving our customers faster and more reliable with the establishment of our sales office in Istanbul in 2006.

Today %80 of our production is being exported mostly to Europe, Africa and to the Middle East countries.

Certified to ISO 9001:2000, our main goal is to serve our customers in a more reliable and faster way by the help of our innovative identity.

Figabara’s secret of success grow from; the perception of our total quality management, high value we set upon our employees and our trust in team work.

We are proud to once again differentiate Figabara’s reputable position in the market through our new trademark “VESNEX” founded in 2012.